Climate Change Writing Group

There are No Melting Polar Bears Here.


Climate Change 101 for writers - What is happening and what can we do about it? A discussion group with optional writing projects, individual or group.


This is a small group for support and collaboration. No climate science background required. 

What is needed is not technical expertise, that already exists. What is needed is understanding our response or rather our lack of response. What is needed is concern. What is needed is a story. A better story. We need writers - No prior experience required. 


This can be anything from individual support for personal projects to group support and collaboration.

Bring your ideas to share, or come and explore what we have discovered so far.


For those who wish to participate, there will be at least one group project to write letters to the Fox Valley civic and religious organizations of fossil fuels, clean energy, pricing carbon, and environmental justice.


But there is no required work, there are no grades. There are no grades where we are going - there might not even be any civilization.


This is an opportunity to work on the biggest story the world has ever known. As we enter the “Sixth Great Extinction”, it is a story that is not going well. You are needed here. You are needed now.

This group will be lead by Bill Koehl.

Meetings held the first Thursday of every month :: Beginning October 3rd.

7 - 8:30 pm.

Space is limited. To register for The Climate Change Writing Group please email or call us.

About this teaching artist:

Bill Koehl has been studying climate change and what we can do about it in the Fox Valley for the last few years. He does not have a science background, but has followed and participated in all the climate activist groups who are active in our area. This includes the Sierra Club, the Citizens Climate Lobby, League of Women Voters environment team, SOIL (save our Illinois land), and Elgin Green And he is an active member of the Unitarian Universalist Society of Geneva's Green Sanctuary Team.

He likes to say that he's come out of retirement to work as a climate activist for his grandchildren.

About the art:

Bust of Paris

Antonio Canova. 1809. Courtesy of the Art Institute of Chicago.

From the Art Institute's webpage ::

"The enormously popular Neoclassical sculptor Antonio Canova frequently made replicas or variants of his major works to satisfy the demand for his art. While executing a commission from Empress Josephine of France for a full-length statue of Paris (State Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg), Canova carved this bust for his friend Antoine Quatremère de Quincy, a French Neoclassical theorist and critic who greatly influenced the sculptor’s artistic ideals. It depicts the moment in Greek mythology when the shepherd Paris, called upon by Zeus to judge who was the most beautiful among Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite, turns to gaze at the three goddesses. Canova exploited the subject to create an ideal head, balancing the geometry of pure forms with the sensuousness of Paris’s expression. Upon receipt of the gift, Quatremère stated: “There is in [the bust] a mixture of the heroic and the voluptuous, the noble and the amorous. I do not believe that in any other work you have ever combined such life, softness, and chaste purity.” Documents indicate that Canova made four full-length marble statues and at least seven busts of Paris, a clear indication of the sculpture’s popularity."

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