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The Republic of Letters offers extensive editing services. 

If you're looking for one on one attention to your manuscript, our Editing Suite is the best option. We offer some group classes and workshops, but for the closest read we recommend working individually with one or both of our editors. Our current in-house editors are Cathy Borders and Ryan Block.


We edit fiction and nonfiction, and occasionally poetry. 

We edit with an eye for theme, structure, mood, character, theory, and style. We are very careful to maintain the author's voice and vision, and aim, primarily, to collapse the distance between reader and text. We closely read everything we edit, but do offer a range of methods from casual conversation, to exercises, to close line edits, to a broad overview.

We recommend an initial consultation to see if one of us is a good fit for you and your project. Every project is different and we pride ourselves on our ability to really deconstruct a text to get at its essence. There is no universal lens that we apply to every text. Every one of our clients is unique, as are their books.


Our prices are very accommodating and soon we will even be offering our services on a sliding scale. We charge by the page, and our price varies according to the clients' needs. While you may choose your font, we do require each page be double-spaced with a 12 pt font. For a specific price, please set up a contact us to set up a consultation

Our Editing Suite is also a way for authors with both completed manuscripts and working drafts to bring their work through the editing process to publication. Once you have a finished book, we offer the chance to see it professionally cared for unto a printed and bound book with our press, Analog

Our editing services are not required to publish with Analog. However, we do require a consultation and proofread.  

We believe art is not property, it is movement, momentum. The author can withdraw their books from Analog's shelf anytime, or they have the option to keep the title private indefinitely.

Testimonials ::

"I submitted a tome of seven hundred pages to Republic of Letters for editing. This was my first submission to an editor and I’m grateful and fortunate to have worked with this organization and Cathy Borders in particular. Despite that I have limited understanding in crafting a story, I never felt like the novice that I am. Cathy supported me every step of the way, encouraging questions and answering every one of them with clarity. Her edits were abundant (exactly what I needed) and her insights are of excellent value. I especially appreciate the one-on-one time she spent with me at the end of the project. I have come away from this process a better writer and a little wiser on how to express my opinions. Considering the scope of the project, the length of time it took to complete was very reasonable. I will, without hesitation, submit my next book to Republic of Letters."

– Michael Bauch

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