Book Launch ::

Trinian by Elizabeth Russell

October 24th :: 7 - 8:30p

Join us for a charming evening with local author, teacher, and journalist, Elizabeth Russell to celebrate the release of her latest fantasy novel, Trinian!


Light snacks and refreshments will be provided. 

Trinian is a simple soldier who never expected to be king. But when he is kidnapped by the evil god Power, he learns he is the long prophesied ruler of Drian. Thrust into a world of politics and war, Trinian must protect his kingdom from a traitorous sister, giant gorgans, and evil gods. In the end it is Trinian, alone and unaided, who must face off against Power and prepare the world for the coming of the mysterious Golden King.

Trinian now available at Amazon and at the event, of course


“There is plenty of adventure and swashbuckling in this epic fantasy. Some scenes did remind me of a mash-up of C.S. Lewis novels, especially the last battle scene. The author has an uncanny understanding of human relationships. Some passages portrayed a depth of understanding that many people never acquire.” – Karen

“Better even than The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe or The Black Cauldron!” – Tim

“I’m greatly enjoying your book. The way you manage to portray key ideas in layers so that different levels of understanding grant greater rewards is truly a talent.” – Blaise

“I love the characters the most. I love their relationships!” – Rebecca

Trinian is an excellent read. I have a hard time putting it down!” – Jenny

“I usually like supporting characters better, but in Trinian I have been drawn more to the main characters.” – Margaret

About the Author


Elizabeth is a full-time writer. Inundated in Narnia, Middle Earth, and Florin as a child, she is now the author of two fantasy novels, Halfbreeds and Trinian. She loves to cuddle up to her computer with tea and a blanket and lose herself in writing. She explores what it means to be human through myths, novels, short stories, poetry, and articles. When not slaying monsters with the pen, she co-hosts the Podcast “Literary Leviathans” with her brother Tim, devours classics, and writes on her blog If you want to leave a comment on her blog, she would love to hear from you. Let her know what you think about her most recent published novel, Trinian!

You can email her at Check out her Facebook page at Elizabeth Russell Author or follow her on Instagram through her handle @lizoftheshire.

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