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This Giving Season, please consider The Republic of Letters. We're a small organization dedicated to the literary arts. We help people write books by providing creative editing services, writing classes, and publishing opportunities all inside an enchanting space full to the brim with art and books.


Your donations enable us to continue to offer college-level programming at a fraction of the cost, as well as begin to offer our editing services on a sliding scale. 


Our overhead cost is minimal, but our dreams are lofty. We're quixotic and scrappy, and really just happy to be here, but there's work to do, a tremendous amount of work. Money makes work easier. But money's not everything. There are many non-moneyed ways you could help our cause: You could give us books! You could donate a book you love with a small paragraph recommending it (we'd love to feature you). Or you can come buy a book, take a class, or join one of our discussion groups. You can give us your opinion and your ears. You could say to someone: "Hey, you're a writer, did you hear about that new writing space? They help people write books.”

But if you believe in our message, and you have some spare change, we would be thrilled to accept your donation and immediately put it to work. 

Become a MEMBER. Memberships come with cool stuff. 

Or please donate to one of our online fundraising platforms, either 

through Crowdrise or Facebook. Thank you!


The Lorax 

(Formerly the Friar Tuck) 



The Lizzy Bennet and Mr. Darcy 

Or: The Wesley and Buttercup 


The Harry Potter 

Or: The Kermit the Frog 



The Snow White

Or: The James Bond 



The Mary Poppins

Or: The Baloo 

(Formerly the Merlin) 



The Willy Wonka 

Or: The Mina Harker 



The Jane Eyre

Or: The Lyra Belacqua 



The Clarissa Dalloway

Or: The Jeeves 



The Sherlock Holmes

(Formerly the Miss Havisham) 



The Don Quixote

Or: The Dr. Frankenstein 

Include Sancho Panza or The Creature for $5



The Dane: Hamlet



The Madame Bovary 

Or: The Lily Bart 



The Jay Gatsby

Or: The Becky Sharp

(Formerly The Toad of Toad Hall) 


The Helen of Troy

(Formerly The Ebenezer Scrooge) 

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RoL is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

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