Instagram Poetry Class

Instagram poetry is fragmented free verse often written with clichés and maxims in fancy typography accompanied by visual art and drawings. Instagram poetry has become a phenomenon that condenses poetry into instantly shareable posts that make poetry accessible to the masses. Yet, in this quest for shareability, is meaning lost? This course challenges writers to go deeper and fight their inner censor. The class will study primarily female poets from those writing about their truths and trauma in the vaguest of terms to those unveiling themselves in rawer, more unapologetic, and confessional ways. This class will help students break through their fears in writings poetry and hold space for student’s creative growth while remaining inspired by the Instagram poetry form. It will critically reflect upon why Instagram poetry has become sensationalized and what is to be done to keep the so-called “integrity” of poetry alive. Unleash your voice, play with typewriters, and share away!

In this seminar, we will dive into the Pop Poets and their "short, fast, fragmented" styles, while also examining writing as a means to heal from trauma. We will compare instapoetry to spoken word and Sappho's fragments. In every class we will set aside time to create freely and receive feelings-based feedback on poems.

Dates coming soon.

This course will be taught by spoken word poet, Annie Baldwin. 

Poetry and images by Lora Mathis and Annie Baldwin

About this teaching artist:

Annie Baldwin is an improvisational, spoken word artist fusing her poetry with jazz and blues music, and letting it linger wherever she takes up space.  She knows good poetry stays authentic, asks questions, and finds hilarity in the absurd. A guerilla poet, Annie performs with musicians all over the midwest and leaves her typewritten poems and zines in unexpected places from coffee shops to bus stops to graffiti on bathroom stalls.  

She’s written for zines including Whiny Femmes, The Antarctican, Art Against Trump, & Arsenic Lobster. While hosting a late night, punk feminist radio show, she got her start in improvisation. She’s been featured at Quimby’s, Chicago Zine Fest, WIDR Radio, Bucket of Blood Records, Quencher’s Saloon, Sedgwick Studios, & Culture Stock.

Her work has been described as wandering prose as she tells stories about her wild life as she finds the magic and meaning in the synchronicity that surrounds her. She seeks to use vulnerability and authenticity for healing, community building, and unapologetically starting revolutions in her lifetime.

But mostly, she speaks her truth so others can do the same.

You can see more of her work at or on Instagram @radiantlya

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