Lost (and Found)

in Translation ::

A Series on Adaptation 

Join us for a series of screenings and discussions about famous books and their cinematic counterparts: how stories and themes change for better or worse when transitioned from words to visuals, how different is too different, and more.

Have a suggestion on an adaptation you think is worth discussing?  Let us know!


First movie :: Breakfast at Tiffany's


Friday, October 4th :: Film Screening at 6pm.

About this teaching artist:

Space is limited. To register for the Lost (and Found) in Translation please email or call us

Evan Falls is a Film and Writing graduate from Columbia College Chicago.  He recently returned from a year of teaching English and Creative Writing in Prague, where he wrote daily journals.  He has worked professionally in all departments of filmmaking, with a concentration in Directing and Screenwriting.  

Winner of Three Upstate Eight Literature Conference Awards, Winner of the English Department Award, writer of several films produced at Columbia College Chicago, with Essays, Reviews, and Short Stories published in Reviewing the Arts, Page & Spine, and Odyssey.  

He has participated in multiple international writing workshops with renowned writers such as Stuart Dybek, Mark Slouka, and Jaimy Gordon. 


He is currently hosting several workshops and classes around St. Charles and Geneva, in which hopes to bring the spirit of the expat writing community home.

About the art:


Horatio Greenough from America. 1838/43. Courtesy of the Art Institute of Chicago.

From the Art Institute's webpage ::

"Horatio Greenough lived in Italy for most of his adult life and is recognized as the first American to pursue marble sculpting as a profession. This bust is one of two sculptures he produced depicting Abdiel, an angel from John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost. With his finely chiseled features, pronounced profile, and elaborately carved Greek warrior’s helmet, Abdiel resembles the Classical statue Apollo Belvedere. Through his production of idealist works such as Abdiel and his writings on aesthetics, Greenough sought to educate Americans about art and culture, and to inspire them to produce a national art that reflected democratic values."

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