Tarot As A Writing Tool

The tarot is designed to represent the totality of the symbolic world (as it was understood in the middle ages). It is a game of archetypes and symbols. In this class you’ll learn "The Fool’s Journey," as well as every archetype and adventure that our protagonist has to encounter. 


Understood this way, the tarot is an amazing tool for writer’s block, or as a machine to help generate story ideas.


Each card, and especially their combinations, are endlessly interpretable. There are many, many awesome tarot books out there, each explaining the tarot’s mysteries, but most of them tend to agree on the gyst of each card. This class will teach you that gyst through analogy.


The instructor will provide many examples of characters and plots in various texts to illustrate her system. She will also give personal tarot readings and analyses, as well as have a few decks on hand for students to play around with. There will be writing exercises and pizza.


Wednesday, June 19th :: 6:30-8:00.

One session :: $20.

This course will be taught by Cathy Borders.

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About this teaching artist:

Cathy Borders is the Program Director here at The Republic of Letters. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from the New School in New York and a Bachelor’s in English literature and theory from the University of Iowa. Cathy thinks of writing differently, as something much more interesting, much more important than a thing you produce for money. She’s the author of A Suburb of Monogamy, an experimental novel about the invention, withdrawal, and body of a liaison. She’s now working on her second novel, a young adult fantasy whose raison d'être is emotional clarity and connection, as well as a comprehensive book on using the tarot to write fiction. Her chapbook, Robin Williams Is My Uncle, is out in the wild weeds of publishing right now, we'll see if she's lucky. 

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