Third Trimester ::

Finish your book in 3 months.

Have you finished that book you’ve been working on and are FINALLY ready to make it something you can feel confident about when you send it off to fulfill your dream of publication?
This class is an affordable alternative to the one-on-one editing process. An intimate group of four writers will offer a range of feedback on your manuscript. We will extensively explore the themes, metaphors, symbols, and energy of each text, and assist each writer in sculpting and shaping their composition into a final product. Each new installment will build on the last until at the end of the course, 300 pages will have gone through an intensive, rigorous machine. Once the edits have been understood and applied, you will have a manuscript ready to send to agents, presses, and contests. 

This is course does not mess around. It is for writers who have already completed a rough draft. Writing as you go is possible, but may be considered difficult. In order to stay on task, writers must be able to submit 50 pages every other week, and they will be responsible for reading 100 pages a week as well.
This class is for projects that have already grown past their seedling ideas and sapling structures into an intimidating forest sprawled across thousands of words. 
This is the last stage before you send your book out to agents or presses. At the end of the twelve weeks, authors will leave with the clarity and confidence they need to publicize their book. 

This class will help ensure your manuscript is as healthy and beautiful as it can be before it's released out into the wild world of publication, and will help take a manuscript out of the slush pile and into an agent’s hands. 


12 week course :: $550

* NEW TIME! * Sunday afternoons from 1p - 3. May 19th - August 4th.

Limited to four participants. 



NOTE: Prose only. This class is for both fiction and nonfiction. This is not a poetry course. 


This course will be taught by Cathy Borders.

To register for the Third Trimester

please email or call us

About this teaching artist:

Cathy Borders is the Program Director at The Republic of Letters. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from the New School in New York and a Bachelor’s in English literature and theory from the University of Iowa. She’s the author of A Suburb of Monogamy, an experimental novel about the invention, withdrawal, and body of a liaison. She also founded the micropress, Omnia Vanitas Review, and has been a professional editor for over a decade. She thinks of writing differently, as something much more interesting, much more important than a thing you produce for money. Cathy runs the quarterly reading group The Lady Canon and she teaches all of the children’s workshops. She specializes in editing fiction, memoir, and hybrids, with a flare for academic, romance, fantasy, literary and experimental fiction. She also loves good young adult and children’s fiction. She’s been published in Madhatter’s Review, Ampersand Review, Green Lantern Press, and Reconfigurations, among others. She’s now working on her second novel, a young adult fantasy whose raison d'être is emotional clarity and connection, as well as a comprehensive book on using the tarot to write fiction. Her chapbook, Robin Williams Is My Uncle, is out in the wild weeds of publishing right now. We'll see if she's lucky. 

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