What Is To Be Done?

We are living in precipitous times. There is a palpable, shared sense that something has gone wrong, and that we are entering – or, perhaps, are already well within – a dangerous era.


This discussion group addresses the features of the disorder – both global and domestic, abstract and concrete – that we confront today. Taking our prompts from the issues of the present day, we will discuss religion and economy, politics and art, class and race, freedom and authority, love and hate, and anything else that touches upon our desire to understand the changes occurring around us.


Our specific task is to think things through – to contemplate the elements of our predicament so that we might discover solutions. But our task is also to think things through for their own sake – for the sake of maintaining our capacity for intelligent argumentation as an end in itself.


Addressing ourselves to the many social issues that confront us, What Is To Be Done? will have a great deal of topical flexibility, but will always keep in mind the following three questions:


What happened, or: how did we get here?

In what condition do we find ourselves at the present moment?

What happens next?


What Is To Be Done? holds that, particularly in today’s cultural climate, the quality of intelligent argument and dialogue is of greater importance than the adherence to any specific view. In short: what matters most of all, in an era when everything is on the table, is not what you think, but how you think.


Join us to discuss ways of thinking.

Every other Wednesday beginning April 18th : 7p-9.

Refer to our calendar for dates. 

$5 suggested donation.

This discussion series will be led by Ryan Block.

To register for What Is To Be Done?

please email or call us. Space is limited. 

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